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FEElartistic Studio

16300 Millcreek Blvd

Suite 114

Mill creek, WA 98012

p: 425-939-1550




Fine Art Classes for Adults

MEETS ONCE A WEEK ONLY at your time and day!

Current workshops and art classes for adults. No prior knowledge is required.

Scroll this page down for REGISTRATION!

Oil Painting Landscape:

Details: Learn to paint wonderful mountains, colorful skies and beautiful evergreen trees quickly in our one hour classes. Step by step instructions will be given. Do not wait, Start your passion today. No prior knowledge is required.


Open Sketching:

Details: Students in my painting classes sometimes get a bit nervous when I ask them about sketching an object on watercolor paper or on canvas before painting. We all love color, we love the beautiful strokes of paint that can describe painting with just a few brushstrokes. But somehow we hesitate about the idea of sketching. Let's face it, there is no shortcut. As I always say: "sketching is the backbone of painting."

Join today!


Water Color Workshop:

Details: Get ready to learn water color techniques and to paint objects in an artistic way. In this class students will learn to paint in watercolor using dry and wash water color techniques one at a time and focusing on realism without worrying about details. This class is ideal for beginners and Intermediate levels. All supplies included in fees. 


Acrylic on Canvas:

Details: Yes, you can paint on canvas. Learn to sketch and paint on canvas with easy painting techniques. Step by step instruction will be given to sketch and paint objects in an artistic way. In this class you will learn the basics of acrylic techniques one at a time and focusing on realism without worrying about details. Supplies included in fees.


Private Lessons (One on one sessions):

Our one on one sessions are high in demand. You will get individualize attention to improve your skills. You may see there are 3 or 4 students in our class but each one of them are working on different medium and different project. We keep minimum 15 minues gap between each students so all of our students will get individulize attention.

You select time, day and your passion.

FEES for Private One on One Lessons: $100.00 for Four (4) one hour lesson.

Tuition will be charge for monthly basis.Tuition will be due 1st week of the class. Your tuition will be prorated when there are more or fewer classes held in a given month, depending on the day of week you attend and holiday closures. Makeup class will be given if request of cancellation is received 24 hour prior to scheduled class.

How to register in workshop and/or private lessons? Simply complete below form and register today. 

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