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FEElartistic Studio

16300 Millcreek Blvd

Suite 114

Mill creek, WA 98012

p: 425-939-1550




 Weekly Summer Camps 2014

25% Discount will end soon

Animation Camp | Open Sketch Camp | Wet Canvas Camp | Clay Camp  

Animation Camps for Ages 8+ 

One of most exciting camp "Wood Carving" for ages 8+. Limited seats left - Register today






We at FEELartistic strongly believe that each student has their own level of understanding for art and therefore each student deserve individualize attention to use their creativity. We give lessons based on each student's interest, level and age. You may see few students in our class during any given time but each one of them working on different projects. Lets join us.

Woodcarving Summer Camp: (NEW- Ideal for Ages 8-14)

Woodcarving and painting camp is ideal for beginners. You will pick your favorite forest creature, tools and colors. Instructor will give you step-by-step instructions about how to use tools and how to carve wood and color. Instructor will lead you through the development of your own carving while teaching about wood properties and the proper use and care of carving tools. Most exciting camp.Lets join us. 


Summer Camp 2014: Animation Camp:

Program Description: This summer of 2014 we are bringing most exciting camp of "Animation" for Elementary and Middle High School students( Ages 7 and up). In this course, they will see their drawings come to life, as they learn the basic fundamentals of 2D and 3D animation. By learning the basics of animation, one develops an understanding of motion, weight, balance, texture, colour, and design. This will also promote the discipline and intensity required for studio work as one takes animated short films from concept to completion.

Student will get access to Apple Mac Computer with all required tools and easy to follow application guided by professional artists. We will teach you how to draw and animate - easy and fun way ! also you will learn lots of short cuts and explore many ways to create and control animation.

First week: Student will learn how to draw character on paper and directly on Computer using digital pen and pad. Through out week they will learn and develop skills of Digital Drawing for character building. 

Second Week: Students will learn and explore classical animation concept. While learning basics of animation they will develop short movies of walk cycle , jumped and anticipation.

Third week: During this week student will work on special project and develop short movies based on technique they learned in last two weeks.


Art Study: Students benefit from art courses:

Rene Zellweger might have won an Academy Award without the theater courses she took at Katy High School. It’s possible that Norah Jones may have won multiple Grammy Awards even if she hadn’t attended choir classes at Grapevine Junior High School. But in each of these cases, and in countless others, a quality fine arts education in Texas public schools is at the foundation of their success.

Fine arts courses in our schools enable students to develop their interest and talent in the arts at an early age, and every student benefits from fine arts courses, even when their future career successes are outside of music, acting, dance or art.

In a state where high-stakes testing drives decisions on funding, staffing and instructional minutes, fine arts programs are frequently a target when school budget cuts must be made. With the legislature and school boards dealing with budget shortfalls of historic proportions, there is already evidence from districts across the state that fine arts programs are on the chopping block.  continue reading.....